Can be smelted into an Aluminium Bar
– In-game description


"Can be smelted into an Aluminium Bar"

A mineral that can be smelted into Aluminium Bars using the Melting Furnace.


You need 4 Bauxites to make 1 Aluminium Bar

Material Result Time needed
4 Bauxite 1 Aluminium Bar 60 minutes

Bauxite Recipe.png


  • Rarely drops during mining in Limestone Spires iron ore deposits.
  • Common drop during mining in Northern Regions.
  • 2 pieces can be found in the Northern NPC base
  • 5 pieces available in North Eastern NPC base


  • Added in Beta v.1.5.5
  • Iron Pickaxe may or may not effect rate of Bauxite drop but is not required to get drops from Iron Ore just make sure there is a space in inventory/backpack for the Bauxite.
  • Bauxite has a cooking Time of 1 hour in a Melting Furnace.
  • Drop rate are based in RNG, there is no confirmed way of increasing the drop rate.
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