Basements are new underground places added in locations.

Find abandoned/destroyed bases in these locations: Limestone Ridge, Cliffs and Spires and Pine Bushes, Grove and Wood and looking for floor door.

To enter in some Basements is required the Burglar or Hacker skill.

You will need Hatchet, Iron Hatchet, and Pickaxe to break walls.

And Pickaxe and Iron Pickaxe to collect resources.

Use Gas Mask against the Fetid Corpse.



Depends on Zone, Green zone loot on top of basements are generally components or food items.

Yellow Zones have better items like rare components, ATV Gas Tanks and/or wheels, and melee weapons with a rare chance of a Glock 17.

Red Zones can have rare components and ATV parts as well as food items. There will be a chance for weapon mods, I found a Rare mod so I dont know if Purple mods are possible. I believe rare melee weapons like Katanas or firearms like a Shotgun or Glock 17 can be found.

Under the basements I believe in certain hidden rooms the loot is set to the same items every time such as the breakable wall in the flooded basement which has Copper Bars and Oak Logs. From personel gameplay i found Oak Planks in another chest (I was in Green Pine Zone) so I believe the loot inside basements is unaffected by the loot table in zones but has its own "Basement Loot Table".


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