Barker's Camp is an event location on the Global Map.

You get Note #1 when the event appears on the Global Map.

Barker's Camp event

I think that's exactly where a group of soldiers was seen not long ago.

Barker's Camp map

Location accessible until 23:59 UTC October 20, 2019.

"Are you going to stand there or come to me?" - Barker

"Just look at this" - Barker

"And that's just the results of the first experiment, imagine how much we could achieve!" - Barker

"Collect all the parts, and we will assemble a perfect weapon" - Barker

New quest note in the diary
Note #1

"Find the missing parts" - Barker

Laboratory Workbench

After repairing the workbench you can craft 3 types of infected weapons on it:



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