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Bar "Last Stop" is an event location on the Global Map during the Season 15.

The last bar on Earth.

Bar Last Stop map.png

Outside the bar proper, sitting on a truck with a cargo trunk in the back, is Protege who requests Unusual Samples. These samples can be obtained by killing zombies and looting from their inventory. According to the sheets of paper on the ground next to the truck, zombies are more likely to drop more unusual samples at the bunkers, infected forest, and laboratory, and slightly more samples at the motel, the farm, and dead island. Zombies, particularly floater boaters and toxic spitters will also drop samples in resource zones, though this is not an affective method of farming them. 600 samples traded to the Protégé allows access to the chest on the back of the truck.

Just inside the entrance is the Investigation Board. This board keeps tracks of the quests posted by the Sheriff. Completing these quests rewards beer and supply points for season 15 rewards. Currently, there are 3 cases. Each case has several quests, some which take the player to resource zones and some to special event zones, usually to either investigate (for example, search for evidence) or kill raiders. Two quests are available at a time, but only one can be active. The quests generally have a 5 hour timer to complete. The player must wait 5 hours between each set of quests.

To the right of the entrance of the bar and the investigation board is an outdoor area with a builder. He asks for supplies to help upgrade the bar.


  • Introduced in Beta v.1.18
  • By interacting with various NPC's, you could obtain a ATV Transmission and other rewards.
  • There is a scenario in the bar where two patrons become aggressive with each other and a man in fatigues will shoot one of the patrons. This dead body can be looted for beer and spray paint.