Last Day on Earth: Survival Wiki

Rich protein source, can be kept forever
– In-game description


"Rich protein source, can be kept forever"



Every 24 hours, 3 Baked Beans appear in the Inbox and disappear if not taken before their timer runs out.

Since Beta v.1.12.3 experienced survivors of the 100th level and higher no longer receive the 3 Baked Beans and 3 Bottle of Water, since they are already quite independent and can take care of their food by themselves.


  • AI Survivors in farming areas
  • Farming zones
  • Can be obtained from loot chests and bags found in the wilderness, as well as in bunkers and at event locations
  • Can be obtained from AI's bases in their water catchers and chests
  • Can be bought in the store for 30 coins or in the Survivor's Pack



Baked Beans can be used or eaten to restore 15 health, 25 hunger and 5 thirst. Once eaten, an Empty Can is produced.

Empty Can

Baked Beans are the only way to get Empty Cans.


On the Recycler, a Baked Beans can be recycled into a Scrap Metal and Aluminium Bar in 10 minutes and 1 second at an appropriate level of Other recycling skill.