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Can be melted into Aluminium Bars. Nowadays can be found in Army bunkers
– In-game description


"Can be melted into Aluminium Bars. Nowadays can be found in Army bunkers"


It is currently found in both subfloors of Bunker Alfa, contained in loot and Coupon Boxes. Outside the bunker, it is possible to obtain in some AI bases, making the Bunker much more valuable to clear compared to mining for Bauxite.


Aluminium Wire is used for Weapon Modifications and in the following Blueprints:

Used in the following finalizations:

Used to craft Aluminium Bar:

Location Input Item 1 Input Item 2 Input Item 3 Input Item 4 Input Item 5 Input Item 6 Crafted Output
Workbench Aluminium Wire + + + + + = Aluminium Bar
Workbench Aluminium Wire [[]] [[]] [[]] [[]] [[]] Aluminium Bar
Quantity 2 {{{qty2}}} {{{qty3}}} {{{qty4}}} {{{qty5}}} {{{qty6}}} 1
Level 28
Craft Points
2Craft Point Icon
26 minutes 40 seconds
Melting Furnace Recipes v1


  • The Aluminium Wire has a smelt time of 27 minutes.
  • Two Aluminium Wire will craft one Aluminium Bar.
  • As stated above, clearing Bunker Alfa, including looting every coupon box, will leave the player with a good amount of Aluminium Wire. This can be very helpful to finalizing the Gunsmith Bench and Acid Bath, as they need a very large amount of Aluminium to be finalized.
  • "Can be smelted into an Aluminium Bar." - Old description