Last Day on Earth: Survival Wiki


Airdrops are random events that can occur at any time, though they occur more frequently when the player is low on energy (to encourage coin usage).

The box contains randomized loot (usually has at least 1 half-durability weapon, rest are random parts).

The area is also a good source of Common Logs.

If you leave and come back (within its spawn time) the loot will not change/reset so you can loot it clean if you have the energy and time.

The area is guarded by one Floater Bloater and at least two Toxic Spitters. So it is best to come there armed with a high damage melee. (Be careful, because the Toxic Spitter will make attention and try to kill you). After 5 min there will be addtional Roaming Zombie and 2 Grey Wolf on the Map, at this time you have also have to deal with the first AI Survivor to expect. Another 5 min later the next AI Survivor will atack you. Never tried 15 min but may be it will continue.

Airdrop event on Global Map



Weapon Drops

Note: The weapons in the Airdrop will mostly be around half used.

Resources Drops

Note: Every airdrop is different and not all the rewards will be in the Airdrop every time.

Note#2: There are probably more rewards that are not in this list.


  • Always have showers and sneaks, then you will be fine.
  • For the Bunker Alfa CAC Card, you can get it in this event before communicating with raiders so that you may progress faster.