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Abandoned convoy is an event location on the Global Map.

Through this event, you can gain access The Crater.

At Season 9 , in this event, you will find a dead explorer body laying on a convoy, and in it you will find a used M16. After you search the body, three men in Hazmat suits will show up and aim their guns at you. You'll raise your hands and talk to them.

First man-"Who are you? Answer!"

Player:*player name*

First man: "*player name*? No kidding?"

"Hey, Brian! Just look."

Second man:"You look just like *player name*! Aren't you relatives?"

The first man will say they have some time, and that they can't take you with them, but they will deliver a letter from you. The letter will say:

“Hey! I don't really know where to start.. It was so unexpected to learn about you under such circumstances! Just imagine, I had a gun pulled on me and was nearly killed. The only thing that saved me was my resemblance to you! Gosh! I can't believe I still have brother/sister! Those people didn't introduce themselves, but they said they knew you. Looks like they've had a tough time - only one of the four survived. They refused to take me with them, although they certainly could use some help... I got so many questions to you! Where do you live? Who are those people with the government marking?.. We'll definitely meet again, l'm sure of that! Maybe your friends will come back? They know where to find me.Dont forget me!/I will find you!”

You can choose either the character will be a boy or a girl, and either to say i will find you or don't forget me.

After this event, you will have access to Sector 7 (If level under 150), and there you will be able to make your own business and to earn money and stuff from the reward pass (Season 9).

A shooting can be heard not far away from home. I gotta sort it out before hordes of the dead start coming here.

Abandoned convoy map.png

Note: Location available from level 30