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Military-Grade transmission for assembling an ATV
– In-game description


"Military-Grade transmission for assembling an ATV"


It can be obtained as a special Season reward when a season is active, starting from Season 3.

ATV Transmission is also obtainable from Gas Station through the slot machine when you hit the jackpot and get 3 golden caps.

One ATV Transmission can be obtained during deliveries at the Port.

NPC Survivor Base

The ATV Transmission can be found in the ATV in an NPC Survivor Base, but it is not retrievable. (even with mods)


ATV Transmission is used in the following transports:

  • ATV - Phase 2 Finalization.


ATV Transmission can be recycled into Steel Bar, Titanium Bar and Cog at the appropriate recycle level.

Tips, Tricks and Trivia

Recycle-able since Beta v.1.18.4

One ATV Transmission will give 6-7 Steel Bars when the recycler is at max level.