Massive fuel tank of big size. Required in an ATV
– In-game description


"Massive fuel tank of big size. Required in an ATV"


ATV Gas Tank can be found in the crates at yellow and red resource zones (Limestone Cliffs etc.)

Besides that it can be found at multiple other places - Airdrop, by exchanging coupons in Bunker Alfa, when Raiding, on the corpses of AI Survivors and others.


ATV Gas Tank is used in the following transports:

  • ATV - Phase 2 Finalisation


On the Recycler, a ATV Gas Tank can be recycled into Scrap Metal and Aluminium Bar in 1 hour at an appropriate level of Mechanics recycling skill.

Though they are only good for raising your mechanics level right now, you can hang on to them in the event Kefir decides to make them also output gasoline when recycling.


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