Allows you to build an ATV to reach far territories in comfort.
– Blueprint description


"Allows you to build an ATV to reach far territories in comfort."

The ATV is an essential vehicle for any survivors who want to travel further from home. It is the second vehicle to be unlocked at level 18.

The ATV allows survivors to travel to other lands, such as The Swamp and Watchtowers.

Like the Chopper, completing the ATV consists of two phases. The first is crafting the "structure" in your base. The second is assembling the ATV itself, which requires additional components.

Crafting Requirements Icon ATV.png



  • Level: 18 Unlearned recipes.png
  • Craft Points: 1 Craft Point Icon.png



  • Placement: Stone Floor (lvl.3)
  • Max: 1
  • Grid Size: 3x3
  • Orientation: 1 position

To finalize:

ATV new recipe finalize.png

Complex components are difficult to obtain, as some require visits to Bunker Bravo and Bunker Alfa

200 Engine Parts is only obtainable with patience.

Old finalization materials before Beta v.1.15:

ATV Construction.png

The resources from the old recipe of the ATV was returned to your Inbox:


Once finalized, the ATV can be used to travel to other locations such as Oak Bushes, and the Swamp location, giving the player access to new resources and enemies. The ATV can carry up to a maximum of 500 fuel.

Video Guide


Building The ATV! - Last Day On Earth- Survival Gameplay

Credits: Tycen



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